Thursday, April 29, 2010

Early Garden

Typically we plant the garden in mid May, and sometimes as late as Memorial Day (the last Monday in May).

But this spring has been unusually warm and dry, allowing us to till the low-lying garden plot early.

Last week we planted onions (above), lettuce, spinach, carrots and sweet corn. We're gambling with the sweet corn, but it's a risk we're willing to take.

The rhubarb looks wonderful. And the asparagus is coming along--we ate some a couple of nights ago.

When do you plant your gardens? Anyone have a favorite gardening story to tell?


  1. We put in some sweet corn too! It's a 63 day variety--our goal is to have some for the 4th of July. Mmmm...can't wait!!
    Connie (ggmom)

  2. We've had asparagus already, too.

    We live by an asparagus farm, so we didn't plant it, the birds did. We just walk around and pick it.

  3. ours is quite small in comparison but as we live in FL we planted early last month and fav story is our little dog has learned she can pull up the radishes too.

  4. I just started planting my veggies (peas are up, beans are in but not up yet), but I'll still wait a couple weeks to put out the tomatoes and peppers, and to plant the pumpkins and zucchini. I can see I'll want to dig out more garden space next year.

  5. Love the garden updates and the story about the radish-pulling dog! Thanks for commenting, all...


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