Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Etsy Feature -- ElegantRoseBoutique

Recently I entered and won a group of prizes from some SHEteam Etsy shops. SHEteam stands for Schooling at Home Etsians, and is a group of etsy sellers who offer support, advice, and companionship to each other as they sell their handiwork on Etsy. All of the members of the SHEteam have homeschooling in common.

In an effort to help promote their shops, I will be featuring some SHEteamers on my blog over the next few weeks.

Next in line is Melissa from ElegantRoseBoutique. Melissa sent me some yummy Vanilla Coffee whipped Body Butter--just what my thirsty skin has been needing!


1) Tell me about yourself, your family and what your craft is.

We live in the country on just over 6 acres overlooking a beautiful private lake. We have enjoyed raising all kinds of animals and showing our children God's beauty.

2) How long have you been crafting? How did you get started?

Quite some time ago I purchased homemade soap from someone that was going out of business. We were getting to the point that I would either have to purchase more or learn to make our own, so that's how I got started. I had been using essential oils for many years for our health, so it was fairly easy to transition to using them in soap. Making bath and beauty products is quite addicting, to say the least!

In addition to soap making, I enjoy sewing, quilting and occasionally making our own cards. I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. I remember my husband bought me a sewing machine our first year of marriage and I proceeded to make some of my maternity clothes.

3) How does your crafting fit in with your homeschooling?

I set aside time in the afternoon to create my products, usually at lunch time. Then we read together after that.

One of my daughters and I enjoy making bath bombs together and many times the kids will help to wrap my soap and put the labels on.

5) If you could try any new craft (money and time being no object), what would it be?

If money was no object, I would love to get one of those big quilting machines and quilt away! I think it would be a lot easier than doing it on my machine or by hand.

Be sure to check out Melissa's shop here. For more items made by SHEteam members, click on the light green SHEteam button with the apple and books in the left sidebar of my blog.


  1. I left a comment earlier but it isn't showing up, just happened to stop back by and now wonder if any of my comments ever show up? Hmmm.

  2. Ooops! I wonder if I have been jumping off of here before the word verification window pops up? Anyway I wanted to say that I used to make our own bath products, but do not have the time anymore.(Our skin is sad about it.) It is nice to know that there are homeschooling moms out there like myself that I could support.

  3. Hmmm...I haven't noticed too many comments from you, Cotton Blossom. You might have to slow down a bit so I can enjoy your wit. :-)


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