Monday, April 5, 2010

Loading out the Winter Compost

All year long we make compost. It cures or "finishes" on large piles on a gravel pad out back. Every spring and fall we ship it out so that other farmers (mostly sustainable-type farmers) can use it on their crop land.

The Farmer rents an excavator for the day and gets to play with some really big Tonka toys.

The drivers cover the loads (we ship out in double-bottomed semis) and head out.

Another sure sign of spring.


  1. Wow! My compost piles are a LOT smaller!

  2. Just goes to show that we have a lot more WASTE than you do. :-) Kudos to you for composting! It's so much easier to just throw everything in the trash. Thanks for not doing that...

  3. just reminded me that ours needs turning over. Enjoyed your photos, especially the lambs cuddled together from a few posts ago. thanks for sharing


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