Monday, April 26, 2010

One Thousand Gifts

It's been a busy month (no relief in sight) and I've neglected my gratitude journal for too long. Here's the latest installment:

64. flowering trees

65. the smell of freshly-mown grass

67. the flood of sheep out to first pasture in the spring

67. wool, just picked up from the mill

68. our van, a hauling machine, still going strong at 170,000 miles

What are the gifts you see around you? Feel free to practice noticing, by listing one or two in the comments section of this post. I'd love to read them! And if you are interested in what I'm doing, click on the graphic below for more information:

holy experience


  1. I have certainly got out of the habit of doing my in paper gratitude journal and really do want to be better at doing that more frequently.

  2. What lovely country pictures!

  3. The wool is amazing, and what a blessing it is to have a reliable vehicle that still going strong after so many miles. Your farm must be such a lovely place.

  4. I agree with - the smell of fresh cut grass, and hearing my girls laughter on a warm spring day! Great photos :)


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