Friday, April 16, 2010

What We've Been Up To Lately

We had about 3 weeks of solid lambing. During one particularly frenzied 8 day period, we had 45 mamas give birth to 80 lambs. We like to average 2 lambs per mama, but obviously haven't hit that number this year. But other than the low birth rate, things have been going very well. Birth rate isn't everything--this year we've lost only a few lambs.

I have been busy with paperwork. I go to work and do paperwork; I come home and do paperwork. I get the mail and find paperwork; I sit at my desk surrounded by piles of paperwork. Is there such a thing as a paperwork maid? I would hire one if one existed.


  1. I would like a scholarship paperwork maid.

  2. We can all wish, can't we? Good luck with your scholarship hunt!


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