Thursday, June 3, 2010

Feedback on our Hay

We've already successfully hayed two fields this year, due to an early, warm spring, and have another field cut and laying. Unfortunately, it's been rained on twice, which affects the quality of the hay. And more rain is predicted. So the hay wagons are ladies in waiting...

Today the Farmer delivered a small load of last year's hay to a regular customer. She commented that unlike other years, all of her ewes were fed exclusively hay until the last week of gestation, when she fed them a little grain. She averaged 1.6 lambs per ewe, with good birth weights, and all of the ewes but one were in excellent condition. She ruminated that the extra money she'd spent on our hay was saved by not having to feed grain, and feels that her ewes are healthier.

That's nice to hear. We know that our soil is working, and that healthy soil makes healthy plants, which make healthy animals. But it's very rewarding to have someone else notice it.


  1. We have a hayfield east of our property and just saw E. cutting it this week. I wish you and him good haying weather!

  2. Oh, I know that's nice to hear! It's validating when others recognize your good work.


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