Saturday, July 24, 2010

Preparing for the Fair

Our county fair is next week, and each lamb that is shown must be slick-sheared. Think buzz-cut. To help with efficiency for our busy shearer, we invited others to bring their lambs to our farm. What do other folks do for fun on a hot, humid summer evening?

While he was here, we had the shearer do our rams. The Farmer likes to wait 'til about now to give the rams their annual shearing. Can you imagine how good it feels to get all that wool off?

To avoid bringing disease from the other sheep into our barns, we shear outdoors. We need to be moderately careful about hoof rot, which we have never had and do not want!

The shearer works fast, but takes time to maintain his equipment. His truck is a portable workshop. We're ever so grateful for our shearer.

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  1. What a great read! Shearer's are amazing, I love to watch them work! And true - what better way to spend a hot summer evening lol!!! lots of water to drink I am sure :)


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