Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weaving Prep

Far too many days pass without any weaving therapy happening. After a while, it starts to show. Today I decreed that it "shall be a weaving day." I puttered around with the loom out in the studio until it got too hot, and then moved to the small loom in the basement.

Late this evening, I had the kids help me rip up sheets. Old, clean flannel sheets make wonderful rugs. Cutting them up is slow work. I learned (from another weaver) an easy way to rip them up that's actually kind of fun, too.

Remove hems, seams, and/or elastic from the sheet. Cut slits in one side of the sheet.

Find two children and have them grab every other tab.

Pull in opposite directions. It's really fun to watch the kids hold on to their tabs and run in opposite directions. The sheet will tear fairly straight, leaving only a few strings to be picked off. Repeat, until the whole sheet has been torn up. Ready to weave!

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