Friday, August 27, 2010

Entrepreneurial Farm Tour

Thursday mid-morning we had a visitation...

We were honored to be one of the farms featured on the Entrepreneurial Farm Tour (have you ever tried to spell that word?) hosted by Michigan State University Extension. The participants had about an hour or so at our farm. Here Dr. Adam is giving an introduction.

The Farmer is showing off some corn from one of our fields. Weeds and all...

The participants of the tour got to see our composting operation, as well as the sheep and our rotational grazing program.

We ended up in our little workshop, where we showed a few things we've been able to do with the wool from our farm. Then everyone hopped back on the shiny bus and off they went to the next farm. Wonder what the neighbors thought...


  1. Fascinating.

    I love living in an area that's mostly small family farms. It's always fascinating to see what they are doing to make the farm pay (at least the taxes on the land).

  2. You are on your way to fame now. Did you hand out any of those scratch and sniff farm stickers with the info on farming that has your families picture on it? First that, and now the bus tour.

    Maybe you could get on the tour bus circuit for Tulip Time next year..............I bet a lot of those senior citizen tours would be interested in farming and your little workshop/store area.


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