Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Few Fair Photos

Fair week is always a blur for us. Twice daily trips to the fairgrounds to feed and check on the animals. Shows. Pizza parties (who says 4-H has to be all work?). An auction, where the kids sell their market animals. All on top of life's normal routine...

Here the kids are showing off their lambs--they enter two different types of shows. One is showmanship, which has more to do with how the kids show off their lambs. The other is market class, which focuses on the quality of the lamb itself.

Here's a photo of the auction--kind of a "runway" experience for country kids. Smile. Show off your animal. Hope for the best.

The animals ultimately end up in "freezer camp," which the kids understand in theory going in. But Saturday morning load-out time makes theory real.

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