Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good Day; Good Night

I step outside and the dusk greets me. The air is alive with the sound of night insects. The glow in the western sky is almost a memory.

The oppressive heat of the day has dulled to a heavy coolness. I hear the fans from the chicken coop humming quietly. The stars have begun to peek out overhead.

A group of barn cats saunter over to greet me. The dog, who is my reason for coming out, sniffs each one. The mosquitoes sing in my ear.

Despite the heavy air, the dog wants to play. Finally, tired, she waits at the door. I grab the camp sleeping bag airing out on the clothes line and head in. The screen door slams behind me.

It's been a good day. Good night...

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  1. Lona,

    This is beautiful...I was right there with you, smelling, feeling, seeing, and hearing the sights & sounds. I like your blog...I came across it through the Sonlight site. God bless!


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