Monday, September 20, 2010

Pinto Bean Harvest

This post needs a warning.

Some of these photos might be visually disturbing, especially if you have an aversion to weeds.

The truth is, we didn't hoe at all in this field, and I guess cultivating wasn't enough.

See the bean pods (in there among the weeds)?

Here's a shot of the combine bean/grain head up close and from a different angle, so you can get an idea of what's all going on to harvest the beans. I *think* that it's magic, and I can't explain how it works to you.

Here the beans are falling into the hopper in the combine. They actually look really great, despite the weeds in the field.

And here's a shot to show you that sometimes harvesting is a group endeavor.

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  1. I got scared there for a minute--what kind of pinto bean photos would we see? We planted rattlesnake beans (which may be the same as pinto beans? Or related anyway) and I have a photo of one looking exactly like a rattlesnake! Thought that's how you might be scaring us.


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