Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sheep Out!

The Farmer left first thing this morning for a dentist appointment. Just after he left, my phone rang. "Can you send the kids out to get the Polypays put back where they're supposed to be? They knocked down a fence."

Great. I had a meeting scheduled for 8:30 this morning. In all fairness, The Farmer asked for the kids to do it, and they could have. But an extra person sometimes makes the difference between difficult and easy. So we all headed out.

Sure enough--they'd knocked down not one, but two fences. (You can see one of the temporary fences laying in the forefront of the above photo.) As a result, there was only one fence separating them from the Suffolks. The Suffolks have a couple of rams in with them right now, and The Farmer likes to keep two fences between the groups during breeding season to avoid jumped fences and crossbred lambs.

So the dog and the boy went around back to herd them up again, while the girl started setting up one of the downed fences. I had time to snap photos, while guarding an opening and waiting for the action to start.

It all went pretty smoothly, mostly because the kids are used to handling the sheep. I'm not a lot of help (diagnosis: too flighty) and neither is the dog, who is mostly along for the fun.

All in a day's work. And I was only 10 minutes late for my meeting...


  1. This is just precious and the photos are just beautiful. I am so glad you were able to round up all the sheep without any complications.

  2. Glad you weren't late for your meeting *and* got the sheep rounded up!


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