Monday, October 18, 2010

Corn's Journey: From Field to Bin

The first of the organic corn is coming off the field! (Disclaimer: We still haven't received our final organic certification number, so I guess it's only potentially organic corn.)

The combine cuts the stalk, removes the ears from the stalk, removes the husk from the ears and removes the kernels from the cob, all in one operation. After it's combined we load it into wagons and bring it up to the unloading area.

It's unloaded from the wagon

into a pit in the ground

and moved along by an auger

and unloaded into the grain leg

and carried up to the top

and allowed to fall down into the wet holding bin (in back of photo)

where it waits until we have enough to fill the corn dryer.

After it's dried down to 13-14% moisture (at a temperature of about 180F), we load it back into the grain leg and into one of our long term storage bins.

We bought the grain leg and dryer used, years ago. Several family members pitched in to help paint it. We rented a crane and set it all in place. What a great thing it's been.

The only trouble is that it's a great place for birds to rest. And wherever birds rest...

Just keeping it real, folks.


  1. Great pictures! Love seeing the whole process!

  2. That is awesome, now if someone asks me how the corn is done when they are conversing about my heat pads I can tell them. Thanks bunches cause I really was wondering how it got off the cob.

  3. Lona, my 8yo daughter just read this article and found it very interesting. She is one of those kids that wants to know everything. We may have to come out to the farm sometime when y'all aren't to busy.



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