Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rug Quality Control

Once in a while a warp thread will have a knot in it. This is "knot" acceptable. If I find it during weaving, I'll put in an extra warp thread right on the loom. Then when the rug comes off the loom, I can just remove the thread with the knot in it and I'm good to go.

But sometimes I don't notice the knot until the rug is off the loom and I'm getting ready to finish the ends. Darn.

In this case, I lay the rug out flat on my kitchen table, get a spool of matching warp, and cut the thread at the knot. Man, I hate to do that.

I tie the new warp thread to the cut one and gently pull and work it through the rug, slowly replacing the inferior warp thread with the strong, new one. In both directions.

It's a tedious job, but it must be done. No knots in my rugs.

It's one of those jobs that I just LOVE to be done with.


  1. Ah, but that is a gorgeous rug, and well worth the effort. Is it listed on Etsy yet, or is it for a craft show? I have to say I covet one of your rugs, and that one is in just the right colors, lol.

  2. Beautiful rug! You are a talented woman, Lona!!


  3. Laurel, it went to a couple of craft shows and didn't sell. I'll get around to listing it on etsy eventually. Maybe it was meant for you! =)

    Thanks, ggmom, for your kind words...

  4. Hi, just found your blog today and have been clicking on all your weaving links.
    This rug is gorgeous. Did you weave on a 2 harness or more loom? Interested in the pattern you followed? I am purchasing a 1940's Union #36 in very good condition. Will be picking it up in a couple of weeks. It's of course a 2 harness, with the possibility of my husband converting it to a 4 harness later on.

  5. Thanks for the kind words, Pamela. This rug was woven on a 2-harness Union loom. The pattern comes from the way the strips are sewn together. You might be able to google diamond rug pattern and find something about how to make something like this. I am unable to ever make the diamond come out perfectly, but I am content with the surprise design that comes... I believe I first came across the concept of the diamond rug in the Rag Rug Handbook, which is still in print and available in many libraries.

  6. Oh, thanks!! I just recently bought that book. I'll look it up and also do some internet searching.


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