Monday, December 20, 2010

Savor the Moment

We had our last farmers' market of the year on Saturday. One more thing to check off the list. We're finishing up school so we can take a break from the books between Christmas and New Years. I worked determinedly at my day job today, so that I can enjoy some time off, without guilt.

But life on the farm doesn't slow down just because it's nearing Christmas. Animals need feeding, twice daily. Manure happens. The sheep will be shorn soon in preparation for lambing. End of year bookkeeping must be attended to. A few last-minute orders for socks or mittens need shipping out.

I just want to stop the clock. Stop the rushing about. Savor the moment.

Each year at this time I realize that my expectations are too high. My house will not be perfectly clean. The gifts will not be just exactly what each one wants. I'll have neglected to stock up on the one ingredient necessary to bake the treats that the family is craving. Someone will get sick, maybe. Or be crabby from too little sleep and too little routine. Time with loved ones will rush by and be gone in a flash.

Savor the moment.

What are your tips for enjoying the moment? What have you found that helps with turning off the shoulda/coulda/woulda voices that nag?


  1. I wish I had the answer, that's something I hope to work on over the next few weeks/months.

  2. I never seem to quite get there, either, Lona and even when I do take the time to stop and savor the moments it seems like it puts me behind in enjoying other moments!

    Watching children (and grandchildren) grow and parents age seems to show the rushing of time most of all, doesn't it?


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