Monday, December 13, 2010

Will They Last Forever?

No, Virginia, they won't. Darn it.

We're often asked if our socks will last forever. The question usually comes right after a potential customer looks at the price tag on one of our socks.

And my answer varies, depending on how serious the questioner is. The basic answer is: No, they won't. Darn it. (More about that later.)

A repeat customer sought us out at the Kerstmarkt. He said that these socks "wear like iron". He bought his third pair of socks (in as many years) and told me he wears them summer and winter. I am amazed. And pleased!

I have not had such good luck. My big toes are quite a bit longer than their siblings. Despite my best efforts to keep the nails trimmed, the big toenail (short as it is) rubs constantly on the sock. I am careful to switch feet, so I'm not always wearing the same sock on the same foot. But despite my best efforts, sooner or later I wear through the socks. Darn it!

I do not have a lot of experience darning. I know this isn't the prettiest darning job ever. It occurred to me to take a picture of it AFTER I was finished. I might have been a bit more careful and even if I'd known I was going to post a photo on the blog. But here it is, in all its glory. A darned sock.

If you want instructions and visual help, search YouTube. I understand there is even a swiss way of darning that is less like weaving and more like knitting.

I hope you have the "wears like iron" experience with our socks. But if you have weird toes or ill-fitting shoes and the socks don't last forever, don't throw them out. Learn to darn. It's a useful skill, and is handy when you play those trivia games where people have to decide if what you say about yourself is truth or fiction.


  1. I need to learn more about these socks! As you can tell from my blogs, we need good socks that will keep our feet and toes warm!

  2. Lana (say, how DO you pronounce your name? Wouldn't it be funny if we had the same name but spelled it differently?), our socks are made from our sheep wool, by my husband, on an antique circular sock knitting machine. If you click on the "socks" label in the left sidebar, you'll bring up all the posts about socks. Lots of 'em. We also have not-handmade wool socks that are much plainer and less expensive. Email me if you want more details...


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