Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ag Bloggers Communicate -- A Tale of Two Farmers

"There’s a guy in Illinois who’s a farmer. He farms 5000 acres of corn and soybeans over several areas. He is responsible for all of the business decisions for the operation, including which varieties to plant, when to sell what he harvests and for how much. His tractors and combines are huge machines. They are equipped with laptop computers and the latest GPS technology. As part of his income, he sells seed and cattle equipment to other farmers. He sits on the Board of Directors for a statewide farm organization, often traveling to meetings and conventions and providing input on the operation of county farm bureaus in his district. During busy times, he hires outside employees to help get the job done around the farm."

"There’s another farmer, also from Illinois. A fifth-generation farmer, he takes environmental stewardship seriously..."

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