Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Consuming Project

What do farmers do in the winter, when there is no tending the fields, no planting, no harvesting?

The taxes are done (whew!), but the organic certification paperwork remains in its mailing envelope, untouched. We're still taxiing the boy to his extra-curricular activities WAY more than we'd like to be.

And the lambs are still coming (though at a much slower rate of speed than The Farmer would like to see, to be honest). Actually, the sheep are much more work right now, as they need to be fed and watered and watched. In the summer, other than moving them to fresh pasture, they mind themselves.

But the project that has consumed The Farmer this winter more than anything I've seen for a long time is out in the woodshop.

He and the boy have been building themselves wood strip-built kayaks.

I've almost been jealous of the project, because it's been so consuming. Every free moment is spent out in the shop. I think The Farmer is getting in touch with his inner Carpenter.


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