Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shop West Michigan

Recently I heard that if every Michigan household would spend $10 on Michigan food each week, an additional $37 million would be infused into our struggling economy. It's no secret that Michigan's economy is in trouble. Just this morning I read the long list of cuts that are proposed by our new governor, and trembled. No one will be unaffected by this, it seems. The one that worries me the most is the farmland preservation tax credit. We will see if we can afford to pay the property taxes on our land if that one passes.

But I digress, and bring my worries into this post, which was going to be about shopping locally. When you buy items from a Michigan retailer, you are helping.

When you buy Michigan-made or grown products from a Michigan retailer, it's even better! I recently visited a nearby shop in a formerly- (and perhaps still)-dying mall. Tree Huggers is owned by a couple who is passionate about the environment. They realize that part of environmental stewardship is the local factor. So they source some of their inventory locally. Let me tell you, it's a joy to behold.

Many Tree Huggers items are made by local etsy shop owners. EtsyWMI is a group of etsy shop owners who produce and sell items, often as a supplement to their main income and sometimes as their only income. If you're in West Michigan and you'd like to shop local, check out Tree Huggers and visit the EtsyWMI blog here to help you find what you're looking for.

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