Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Unique Dye Pot

Meet one of my favorite dyepots:

I remember when we acquired it, I thought, "I will probably never have enough people over at one time to need this big of a coffee pot." I think it's a 450 cup pot. Not sure.

For a few years, it sat neglected on a shelf in the basement. I might have used it once, but I don't think so. When we started dyeing we soon saw the possibilities of this unique dye pot. I can easily dye a pound of yarn in this pot. It's got a nifty emptying spout. It heats up just by plugging it in.

We learned pretty quickly not to use the inside parts that make the coffee perk. That much sloshing around of the liquid tends to felt wool. Not good.

So now we fill it up with water, add the dye, heat it up, shut it off and add the yarn. Very nice.

Here's the latest--I'm pretty sure it measures as a worsted weight, so we'll have a new form of loveliness available at our fiber festivals. (See events tab on left for dates.)


  1. Hilarious! And brilliant!! I have not-one-need for a coffee pot .... until now. ;)

    Your fibers on the line are gorgeous!!

  2. Repurposing - it's a good thing! You could use a shot of the drying skeins for publicity. Lovely!

  3. Brilliant! Thinking outside the box! And outside the pot as well. Love it!

  4. Margaret thinks this is a great idea and will be watching for one at garage sales.

  5. When I was a kid, we used to vacation up north at my great-grampa's old cabin, and we used one of those 40-cup pots to heat water for dishes and sponge baths.


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