Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

We are receiving rain after rain after rain in our area. The earth is a soggy mess, and each new wave of rain makes us a little more nervous. May is typically our crop planting time here in Michigan. May is just around the corner.

Last week we spent an evening trying to drain off a couple of wet spots in a field. This is what things looked like before the recent rains.

It's a low corner of the field, and we might not end up even planting it. But we don't need standing water there, either. What's the best way to get water off a field?

You guessed it. A shovel and some grunt work.

We'll probably be crying for rain in late July and August. Wish we could spread things out a bit.

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  1. We've been inundated too, but I'm thankful we haven't been struck by tornadoes like other places have (although one came close to us this week). Soggy, soggy, soggy - I can't even think of hauling compost or mulch into our back yard until it dries out a bit. I hope you get some dry weather for planting soon.


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