Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rug in Process

Over the past week it's been almost warm enough to work in the shop. I slipped out there for a while yesterday and got the loom up and running again. This is a rug made of old t-shirts.

I hope you made time for something fun this week! If not, plan for it in the days to come.

Doing something fun gives you a new perspective.


  1. I love the colors - how big will this one be?

  2. Most of the time I weave until I run out of prepared weft. But this one has a home waiting for it already, and it needs to be 48" long. So I will shoot for that. Because I weave with quite a bit of tension on the warp (the warp strings are almost as tight as guitar strings), the rug tends to relax and shorten up a bit once it's off the loom and finished.


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