Monday, May 23, 2011

Goodbye to an Old Friend

With our youngest now old enough to drive, there isn't much use for a swingset. Over the years, it's gotten a bit loose in the joints. So we've gifted it to someone who will reconfigure it and give it new life. Saturday it was taken apart and hauled off.

The Farmer made this with his brain and his hands. No plans, other than those sketched out on the back of an envelope. The kids had many hours of enjoyment on this so-much-more-than-just-a-swingset.

Someone with small children will get good use from it. I will no longer worry about stray kids getting hurt during our shearing days and other events on the farm. We won't have to mow around it any more.

Goodbye, old friend. Where has the time gone?


  1. Our son has been working on dismantling our playset the last few days. I should have sold ours a few years ago. Now it isn't safe anymore. Good for you to help out someone else with a great set!

  2. do you not know that grandchildren are not far away. I got rid of stuff I wished I hadn't . Linda gerig in west OLive

  3. Jules, isn't it nice to have a capable son? I didn't want to have our set die of neglect. We'll get to see it used, and that is worth something.

    Linda, we did consider that. Point well taken. But it would have needed some serious shoring up--it was getting to where we were worrying about safety due to the looseness of the joints.

    When/if grandchildren come on the scene we will work on Plan B. Thanks for visiting the blog!

  4. That's one awesome swingset! Our neighbor graciously gifted us with their wooden swing set last year, when their daughter outgrew it. It's got a new lease on life, and if it's still solid we'll pass it on when we're done. There's nothing like a good swing set!

  5. thank you so much!!!! We feel so blessed with your gift and can't wait to see the kids be able to spend many years playing on it. And when your grandkids come along, they can always come across the street to play! :)

  6. Boy, I hear you - where did that time go? Just today, our son took a notion to go through his bookshelves and weed out everything he thought he had outgrown. There are a lot of old friends in that pile.

  7. Just sending you a hug, because I think this post calls for one.


    I get it.


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