Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Fun Farm Facts

Did you know...

...a combine can harvest enough wheat in 9 seconds to make 70 loaves of bread?

...wheat farmers make about 4 cents from each loaf of bread sold? acre of wheat can produce enough flour to furnish a family of four with bread for nearly ten years?

--from Montana Wheat & Barley Committee


  1. Only four cents a loaf? That doesn't seem fair!

  2. I love random trivia like this. :)

    Kathy - Four cents a loaf at 70 loaves every 9 seconds comes out to $1116.00/hour, though that's profit *and* overhead.

    I'd be curious to see the breakdown of where the customer's cost of a loaf of bread goes. In the scheme of things, bread doesn't cost much, but there sure are a lot of people that have to get paid along the way for that one loaf! :)


  3. Good point, Bethany. I love the hourly wage info! Just a reminder that a wheat farmer waits a whole year to harvest his crop, so while that looks like a great hourly wage, you've gotta spread it over a year's time to get the true picture. And you've nailed it on the head when you remark that there are a lot of folks along the way that need a cut of that bread price.


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