Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rounding Up The Stragglers

About a week and a half ago, we wormed the sheep. It was during the blur of planting, between fields. Worming the sheep involved bringing them up from the back pasture. The Farmer led them, and they followed. No fooling. It's an amazing thing to watch. The rest of us came along behind and guided the lambs, who weren't always great at following closely and sometimes got spooked and tried to run off.

After the majority of the sheep were in the barn, penned up and waiting for the worming, we went back out to round up the stragglers. A couple of ewes had cracked skin above their hooves (from the tremendous amount of rain we've had) and couldn't move very fast. A few lambs were feeling puny, either because of worms or because they'd lost track of their mothers.

I love this photo of The Farmer, carrying in a sick lamb. Makes me think of how our Savior carries us.

We ran everyone through the chute and looked at them closely. We only gave worm meds to those who needed them. We pulled down the bottom eyelid and looked to see the color of the inside of the eyelid. Pink means a healthy sheep. White means an anemic sheep, and these get wormed.

We ended up losing a few lambs. It is the way of things, though not something we like.

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  1. Love the photo, too. I immediately thought of Jesus. I thank God for the way He's been carrying us over the last month!!!

    I'm sorry you lost some lambs.


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