Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Needle in a Haystack

Last week the rain spoiled a crop of hay we'd cut. It isn't a total loss--we just have to wait for it to dry out again. It loses quite a bit of quality due to the rain, but it's how things go sometimes.

Yesterday the hay was dry enough to rake up into long windrows in preparation for baling. But when the raking was done, a part was missing from the rake. Uh-oh. Where could that part be?

See? It's gone.

This is what we were looking for.

And this is where we had to look.

We had 45 minutes to gobble the freshly grilled steaks, etc. AND find the part before the custom baler arrived. See our priorities? Eat first--then tromp through the field on a full stomach. Most of us walked--either through the hay rows or next to them. But a team of enterprising folk also decided to re-rake the hay (another ding to the quality) and follow behind with the Gator to see if they could turn it up.

We did not find it. Exhausted, we settled in lawn chairs and ate the consolation prize--watermelon. The Farmer rode along with the custom baler, keeping his eye open for stray steel. Trying to put a part like that through a baler can be bad news for both the part and the baler. We didn't want to have to pay to fix the custom baler's equipment, besides everything else.

They found it. Sure enough, the part got sucked into the baler with some hay. Fortunately, it didn't break the baler, and only slightly bent the part.

So how was your Fourth of July?


  1. I took off the west storm windows, frames and all, so I could wash them and clean between the inside windows and the storms. It was sure nice to get that job done.

  2. That is a job that's very satisfying to finish (and hard to get excited about starting).


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