Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Planting a Hayfield

Now that the wheat fields have been disced down, it's time to plant the next crop. The Farmer is seeding several fields with a grass/alfalfa mix.

We chisel plow, then field cultivate a couple of times. The final pass before planting is with a cultipacker.

You do not want to run over your toe with this thing.

Smooths out the field, which is especially important for hay.

Even with all the rain this summer, the dust still rolls.


  1. Its fun to look at hay fields in the "beginning" stages, Lona, as we are baling right now ;) Do you put a cover crop on your hay fields, too, like oats or spelts or something like that?

    Fall is coming fast isn't it?

  2. Not intentionally, Cary. Both hayfields are former wheatfields (unharvested) that we disced down. The wheat is germinating, so I guess we'll have a cover crop whether we like it or not!


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