Monday, August 22, 2011

Sorting Sheep a la Pioneer Woman

Today we sorted the Suffolk sheep from the Polypay sheep. The Suffolks will start their breeding season about two months ahead of the Polypays, so we need to separate them. We rounded them all into the barn, ran them up the chute, wormed those that needed it, and sorted. I got to be the one who opened the designated gate, based on the face color of the sheep heading my way. No pictures, as they don't turn out very well in the darkness of the barn.

After they were all sorted, it was time to head them back out to different pastures. Every so often I read the Pioneer Woman's blog. They're always sorting cattle on horses. Sounds like an easier way to do it than running around waving your arms, doesn't it?

So the two kids who ride saddled up. Almost immediately, we had a equipment malfunction. The gelding's bit broke. That gelding without a bit is like a powerboat without a rudder. (Do powerboats have rudders?) Loose cannon is an understatement.

So we had one of the kids walking his horse, and another mounted. The mounted horse/rider combination helped quite a bit.

The loose cannon with a teenager attached was a major distraction. (In no way does this reflect on the teenager attached to the horse. The horse was the problem.)

Despite our struggles, the sheep eventually figured out what we wanted.

This llama was a little slower to catch on.

We had all kinds of excitement, with no photos to prove it--because once it gets exciting, I shove my camera in my pocket.

Never a dull moment...


  1. lol sounds like a party in the pasture!

  2. LOL, who needs exercise equipment if they live on a farm? My daughter would be sooo jealous that you have horses - she's dying for riding lessons. She's so horse-crazy; I remember those days myself.


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