Monday, August 29, 2011

Waste Not, Want Not

Honestly? It's a slow day for blogging. Who wants to see yet another photo of planting hayfields (which is what is happening right now)?

So today as I picked up the dropped pears and apples in preparation for mowing the lawn, I thought about how we try not to waste things. The pears and apples were fed to the cattle and sheep. As parts of the garden finish, the leftovers (corn stalks, bean plants) are also fed to the animals.

And tonight our supper included a roasted chicken. In the winter I might boil the bones for soup, but I'm not in the mood for soup right now. So I picked the meat off the bones and saved it for another day. I removed the bones (which go in the composter) and fed the non-bone scraps to the barn cats.

We do feed our barn cats on a daily basis--plain jane dry cat food. But they love to lick up the scraps, and here one is waiting her turn while another eats first.

What are other ideas for "not wasting" that you practice?


  1. We have a bag in the freezer for chicken scraps. When it fills up enough, we make stock for soup.

    All of our plant-based scraps go in the compost bin, but I don't put bones out there because raccoons & possums would like that too much.

  2. Completely understand. We get away with bones in the compost because our compost system is varmint-resistant. I think varmints COULD get in, but they wouldn't want to. =)


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