Monday, September 26, 2011

Fiber Festival Gypsies

We don't do a lot of craft shows and fiber festivals. Three each year, to be exact. Maybe two next year. One show we really enjoy is the Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival. It's fun to see friends again, and this festival really emphasizes the sheep part of wool production, which we appreciate.

Here's what our camper looked like after we packed for the festival. I suppose it could have been worse. We had about 8-10 totes of goodies and several bags of roving/top. We talked with one vendor who had 30 totes of yarn stuffed in her camper.

As always, I heard a lot of stories from weavers, as well as from weavers' children and grandchildren and neighbors. Rag rugs bring stories out of people.

We tried out a new booth configuration (hanging yarn from dowels between the black wire cubes). I like it.

One person, after reading our sign about "Polypay Wool", asked if that meant that there was polyester added into the wool. (sigh) Think it's too late to get the breed name changed? No, there's no polyester in our wool...

The Farmer demonstrated his sock knitting and could have sold several pair of socks, if we'd have brought them along. Ah, well. Can't remember everything.

If you get the chance to visit the NML&WFestival, don't pass it up. The fairgrounds are lovely and the people are friendly.

See you next year?

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