Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Warp on the Loom

We're in the midst of harvesting pinto beans right now, but a few days ago there was a break in the action. We were waiting for parts for the combine, maybe, or the ground was too wet. Anyway, The Farmer and I took about an hour early one evening to warp one of my looms. We can't do it too late in the day, because it involves thinking. And counting.

Yeah, that's pink you see there. Pink and brown. Gotta weave what sells.

Here is the warp going through the homemade tension box. The warp must be put on under even tension, and simply traveling over and under a couple of dowels accomplishes that.

All the sections full, and ready for threading.

Threaded through the heddles and reed.

And... weaving!

Man, I love weaving. Even when it includes pink.


  1. I think we must have the same feelings in regard toa certain color! I thought warping my bead loom is a pain - your process is much more complicated.

  2. So much work! Glad starting a knitting project is easier. =0)

  3. Your photos are so pretty!! I love it mostly because it has pink. :)


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