Thursday, November 3, 2011

After the Truck Leaves

After the delivery truck leaves, it's time to push the sawdust in, out of the weather. The Farmer starts making a ramp by going up and down the pile of sawdust repeatedly.

It takes a while, but eventually, something like a ramp starts to form.

Then The Farmer starts scooping up the dust and moving it way back in there, using the ramp. He tries to keep it away from the connecting door (to the right of the skidsteer in the photo) between the sawdust holding area and the main part of the compost facility. It's hard to open a door that's got a large pile of sawdust against it.

In the interest of safety (since I don't want anyone to worry), The Farmer is in a skidsteer with a rollcage. He's got a seatbelt on, and even ear protection. He's as safe as he can be, considering what he's doing. Farming has long been in the Most Dangerous Jobs list, and we don't intend to add to the statistics.

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