Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another Load of Dust

Every month or so, we take in a load of sawdust. Sawdust is an integral part of our compost production, and so we purchase it from a local pallet manufacturer. They have to truck it all of 4 or 5 miles to get to our farm. Can't get it much closer than that!

The trucks they use to haul sawdust come with a walking floor. Slats on the floor move back and forth to push the sawdust out of the box trailer.

The trucker pulls ahead a little as the load comes off.

When we first built our compost facility, we had no concept of hauling in sawdust by the semi-load. At that time we were getting wood flour from a local furniture manufacturer by the dumpster load. Quite a bit smaller than semi trailers. But the truckers are good, and can maneuver very well even in tight situations.

A quick sweep job (might as well get everything you pay for!) and the delivery part of the job is done.

More later about what happens after delivery.

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