Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cleaning the Beans

We own quite a large seed cleaner that is very good at cleaning large amounts of grain or beans. But the behemoth came with only a couple of sets of screens, and each new set of screens costs $750. You need a different screen for each grain/seed/bean. Ouch!

We needed something that was a little more managable--something that could do small batches, and something that came with a variety of different screens.

Where do you turn when you want something very, very specific and nearly obsolete? Ebay, of course. A couple of weeks ago, we drove to middle Indiana to pick up our prize--an A.T. Ferrell Clipper Model 1B seed cleaner.

It came with 14 screens and was in working condition. After we ran the beans through the screener, we still had to hand-pick out what didn't belong. But it saved so much time!

This batch of mixed beans was particularly full of extra stuff.

Most of the beans are now cleaned and ready for sale. We are surprised at how fast the heirloom varieties are selling. Maybe next year we'll get a decent yield so that we won't be sold out by the end of November.

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