Friday, December 9, 2011

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Yesterday we moved the Suffolk sheep into the barn for the winter. They were very eager to go. Suffolks have been bred to eat corn over the years. Deep down in their souls, they really don't understand what's so great about grass pasture. So when things get sparse in the late fall, they really get unhappy. They are now entering their last trimester of pregnancy, and it is good to have them inside where we can watch them a bit more closely.

Our timing couldn't have been better, as we woke up to 2" of snow this morning. The Polypay sheep are still out on pasture. Snow does not hurt the sheep (they are dressed for it, with their wool coats), but it covers over their food. Unlike Suffolks, Polypays understand what is so great about grass.

We will see if this is a temporary thing--the snow. We'll haul hay out for them (as we've actually been doing already to supplement the pasture) and see if the snow melts off.

In other news, we've been busy with our outdoor Christmas market.

If you're in the West Michigan area, be sure to stop out and say "hi" to us at the Kerstmarkt. We're open Friday the 9th from 3 - 8 pm and Saturday the 10th from 9 - 5.

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  1. So wish I could stop by to say, "Hi" in person. Just know this is me waving from WY. ~~~


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