Monday, January 16, 2012

Finally, Some Snow!

Last week it felt like March or April here on the farm. We were flirting with 50 degrees there for a couple of days. Strange.

This is more normal for this time of year...

Saturday morning everyone was gone. The Farmer was milking cows for a friend. The boy was at a robotics meeting. One girl wasn't home yet from college for the weekend, and another was helping a friend pick out wedding dresses.

I had nothing that couldn't wait 'til after a walk. We planted this tree line several years ago. It's grown up nicely.

Though I saw no hard evidence of it, I'm sure the tree line provides wildlife cover.

Even the compost piles had a white top dressing.

It was a lovely day for a walk.

This fence is at the back of our property. I love looking at the trees just on the other side. I may even have woods-envy.

What's the weather like in your area?

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  1. We finally had snow over the weekend, but it was back in the 40's yesterday. It began to rain overnight and is supposed to continue today. Really kind of miserable... would much rather have the snow this time of year. It is hard not to grumble.


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