Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This is January?

Crazy weather. Our part of the world is known for snow and endless gloomy days at this time of the year. Yet today I have jeans and rugs drying on the line. And it is Day 9 (in a ROW) of sunshine.

The Farmer is taking advantage of the nice weather to do jobs that are much harder in the snow. (He's spurred on by the weather report of an impending snowstorm.) He moved three piles of skids around to the back of the sheep barn, so they won't be in the way on Shearing Day. We put skids (or pallets) under the hay stacked in the barn. Hay stored directly on a concrete floor molds from the excess moisture in the floor.

He moved load after load of compost from the compost building to the storage/finishing pad. He filled up all the feed barrels with oats and corn, to make daily feeding easier.

We really should be working on bookkeeping (in preparation for taxes). But we just can't bear to do unpleasant indoor jobs when the weather is so nice!

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  1. Read this then followed a link that led to your pictures of last feb. snows. Big difference, but it's Michigan. We'll have to enjoy our sun while it's here (and hope it doesn't snow in June:)
    Up North here we have snow cover but not enough to keep snowmobilers happy.


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