Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where is Winter?

This is a photo taken about a month ago. In West Michigan. Part of the Great White North. It was a lovely day--don't remember the exact temp, but it was warm enough for kayak fever to hit.

A year ago, these guys were heating the workshop and working their fingers off to make their kayaks. But this year we've had several more really warm days since that January day on the river.

Notice the snow in the foreground of the photo above. It isn't that it doesn't get cold and snowy. It does. But then it's warm again. Really warm. In a normal year, we'd have days that got above freezing occasionally. But to have so many warm days? And some of them really warm? It's weird.

I'm not really sure what it will mean for our upcoming growing season. But I think a lot of the retired Michiganders have wasted their money going south this year.

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  1. it's been the same here, Lona. Not as warm, and we have snow on the ground, but it'll warm up,then we get a big snow storm. We are going to have a week of temps in the 30's, just in time for tech's winter carnival...


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