Saturday, March 3, 2012

Be Gentle With Us

I've just now started answering the phone, after nearly two weeks of letting every single phone call go to the answering machine. It was election time here in Michigan, and a couple of the candidates had the misguided idea that whoever bothered people the most would get the most votes.

It's been a week since our Shearing Day, and while we had a great time, and things really couldn't have gone any better, we still don't have all the set-up taken down.

During this week, The Farmer had all he could do to get his own work done and milk the cows of another farmer gone on vacation.

Also during this week a bunch of the Suffolk ewes, who were SUPPOSED to begin having their lambs a month ago, started popping them out. We think we are at 14 or so. But we have been too busy to count. A friend mentioned that I had a lamb chart on my blog last year. I don't remember how I did that, and haven't been able to find any help from Google.

My favorite photo editing, is closing in April. So I've been trying to find an easy way to watermark my photos for the blog. Nothing. Not that it matters, since I keep forgetting to stick my camera in my pocket when I go out. I do have nearly 100 very nice photos from shearing day, taken by someone else. But the thought of watermarking 100 photos one at a time exhausts me. There must be an easier way.

Winter is supposed to be down time for farmers. This year we have not had that leisure. The winter farmers' market continues. Meetings are scheduled (sometimes on top of each other), and things continue to break and need fixing. Taxes and paperwork must be done, and seem to get more complicated each year.

So, when I don't blog for days at a time, there is a reason. Be gentle with us...

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  1. I use PhotoScape. It is a free download and is a program on your computer, not an online site.

    They do have ads on the download site so make sure you are getting Photoscape and not some ad. :eyeroll: However, the free edition has served me well for years!


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