Thursday, March 29, 2012

Selling Hay

Hay is one of our main crops. We use it primarily to feed our sheep. It's always a guess as to how much to put up for the year. Will it be an early winter? Will it be a late spring? Will the feed quality of the hay be high enough that the sheep won't waste large amounts of it?

In late winter, we get a little better idea of where our supply is, and whether or not we will make it until the pastures are ready for the sheep. This barn was full last fall.

There is no reason to carry over extra hay to next year. So, when we were sure we'd have enough, we sold some. The hay price is better in March than it is in June. That's because many livestock producers are still feeding lots of hay, as it's too early to put the animals out on pasture. Also, hay is not typically harvested until late May or early June. So right now is the high point of demand and the low point of supply. Time to sell.

It's much pleasanter to work with hay when it's 50 degrees out, rather than 80 or 90. We understand that the hay we just sold is on its way to the Carolinas to the racetracks. Our hay gets to travel more than we do!

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  1. As of today, I have just thirteen bales of second cutting hay left ;) But lots and lots of first cutting - I always like the comfort of knowing I have a few bales left before we start the new season.

    I really like your photos for this post!


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