Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Soil Needs Vitamins and Minerals, Too

Each year we carefully take soil samples and send them to a lab. Our soil consultant (yes, really!) advises us what our soil lacks, and what is the best thing to add to bring the soil up to optimum level. This year we're concentrating on small amounts of minerals that our soil needs.

It's important to know just how big a field is, so that you can put on the right amount of fertilizer or minerals. Here's our son, measuring the field.

And here is The Farmer, getting ready to spread. Minerals like copper, boron and manganese are in this mix.

Didn't take long, but soils (like people) work best when they have enough vitamins and minerals...

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  1. Good post Lona!

    I find it interesting to learn what the soil samples tell us, too.


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