Monday, June 11, 2012


Somewhere around Saturday afternoon, we paused long enough to talk with each other. And we all agree that this past week has been about the busiest week that we can remember on the farm. I don't have photos to show you, because I'm on my way out the door to work. Maybe I'll work on that tonight.

We can't even really remember exactly all we got done. (Oooh, my grammar police daughters will love that sentence.) We think it involved hay, both round and square bales. Unfortunately, it also involved a haying injury (strained knee) for one of our extended family members.

We're pretty sure it involved a lot of fieldwork--plowing, discing, and field cultivating--all in preparation for planting. We remember planting black and pinto and 7 varieties of heirloom beans. It seems like there was quite a lot of tine harrowing and cultivating--post-planting weed control.

We moved sheep, assisted with horse pedicures, and went to the farmers' market on Saturday. We fixed a lot of machinery, but they all seemed to be small breaks. Beyond that? Who knows.

Fortunately, we are looking at a more normal week, with a little bit of downtime. Haying is done for a while, and all the planting is done. Cultivation will continue, but that alone will be more manageable.

When you come off a very busy time, how do you recharge?

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