Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wedding Gifts

In our spare time (cue laugh track here), we've been getting ready for a wedding. The Farmer made a wedding gift for our daughter and soon to be son-in-law, at her request.

It's based on the Ana White Farmhouse Bed, and the plans can be found here. BRAG ALERT: Of course, all The Farmer needs is a picture, and he's on his way. The end result might not be exactly as planned--likely it's a bit better. He's amazing.

The recipients wanted to finish the bed. They chose distressed white, which distresses me somewhat. It has to do with repressed memories of stripping paint off of perfectly good wood. It's my humble opinion that wood should be appreciated for its beauty, not covered up. But it's their bed, and I'm happy that it turned out so beautifully, just the way they wanted.

Our son made them coordinating night stands (plans are also available on the Ana White site, I believe). He was a little slower with his execution, delaying the staining process. The top one is completely unfinished, and the bottom one has been stained, but not yet varnished. This project may have to wait until after the wedding, as we're getting very close to the date.


  1. Wow, Lona, I didn't realize your daughter was getting married!!! What a big moment in all of your lives ;) And what special, special gifts for the couple to start their married life with.

    I loved that last post about weeding the beans, too. Have you had more rain? I keep thinking about you guys, and pray for all of us who farm. God Bless ~

  2. Beatiful Lona! Your daughter and son-in-law will enjoy them immensely!

  3. absolutely beautiful lona.. great work


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