Monday, July 23, 2012

Weeding Beans

The Farmer did a bang-up job of cultivating the beans this year. There were some things we might have done better (plant thicker, plant deeper) and some things that are outside of our control that we wish for (rain!). But compared to last year's weed infested bean fields, I like what I'm seeing!

But cultivating doesn't get the weeds IN the rows, right next to the plants. So, early in the morning on most days, a few of us head out to the bean fields to pull weeds. We stop when it gets too hot, or when we have something else that's more urgent.

Some of the varieties are more weedy than others--usually the thicker the beans are, the less weeds are present.

This morning, we weeded the Hutterite Soup Beans.

They are blossoming.

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