Friday, August 31, 2012

A Few Bean Varieties

First off, let me be clear--there were several weeks this summer when we had NO rain that I sincerely doubted we'd have a bean harvest. Thank God for rain, just in time.

And in all fairness, "it isn't a crop until it's in the bin". Bean growers in the thumb of Michigan have suffered losses very recently due to 5+ inches of rain all at once.

So we still aren't guaranteed a harvest. But so far, it's looking good!

If you look closely, you'll see differences in the size and characteristics of these beans.

Some mature earlier (you can tell by the yellowing of the plant). Some are smaller plants than others.

There are a couple more types of beans we didn't photograph. It started dripping when we were taking photos, and we thought we might melt. Not pictured are: black turtle beans, nuñas, and pintos.


  1. Here's hoping (and praying!) for a good harvest!

    Love the different beans you are growing this year. Will you keep some back for yourself to sample the different ones and compare taste and quality? That would be neat! I've heard of some of the varieties and wanted to try them in my small garden but haven't.

    Hope you all are well! How are the newlyweds?

    1. Cary, we don't have a contract or a buyer for the heirloom beans. So we will keep all of them and visit lots of farmers' markets this fall. And of course you can't sell what you don't know, so I see a lot of bean-eating in our near future!

      The newlyweds are happy--we've seen them a couple of times since the wedding.

  2. Today I was shucking beans by hand at my in laws. Posted photos on instagram and facebook.

  3. Nice crop you got there! In my country we have a lot of variety of beans here. If you want to know about i recommend you this site its from Colombia but have plenty of info about AG in my country.


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