Monday, August 20, 2012

Wedding Bells

Recently, our oldest daughter was married to a wonderful young man. We've been busy preparing for and recovering from the big event.

The picnic reception was held outdoors, and here The Farmer is drilling holes in golf balls for a ladderball game.

This is part of a cornhole game--we had to make a new set, as our old one was a bit tired.

The s'mores bar station that The Farmer built was a very popular place to hang out during the reception.

Here is a glimpse of the decor--months were spent combing garage sales and thrift stores for doilies and tablecloths.

This is what our entryway looks like right now. I've finished washing tablecloths and putting away mason jars. But I still have a bit more stuff to sort through and put away.

There were a few more things that we were involved in, but mostly our daughter spent her time wisely and planned carefully. She had help from many, many people, and I'm glad to say that things came together at the last and they are now officially married and off enjoying their honeymoon. Whew!


  1. That s'mores station is awesome!

  2. Congratulations, Lona. I heard it was a beautiful wedding and reception. Isn't it amazing how they just go and get married like that?? Enjoy your growing family :)


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