Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fiber Festival Gypsies

We do one (1) fiber festival a year. This hardly makes us gypsies, but I like to dream. Other festivals land at bad times (actually, this one isn't landing at a great time, either) or are too far away or already have 4,000 vendors selling exactly the same thing as we sell. But the Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival is small, charming, and held on the grounds of the lovely Ogemaw County Fair Grounds. In the fall. What's not to love?

Come and see us this weekend. It's worth the drive. You can take your wheel or your spindle and sit a spell with us and visit. The Farmer will be demonstrating sock knitting on his antique circular sock machine during the day on Sunday.

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  1. I'm planning to come up on Sunday, and sure hope that this year those plans will work out, LOL! I'll be sure to come and say hello ;) Any chance you will have any of those yummy beans with you for sale? hugs and good sales to you!


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