Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Working Vacation

This past weekend we headed up to northern lower Michigan (a long drive from us, I might add!) for the Northern Michigan Lamb & Wool Festival. Even though it is a lot of work to get ready for these shows, and the timing of this one is particularly difficult, we make the effort. We enjoy getting together with friends who love wool. Some of these friends we only see once a year at this festival. 

Our daughter came with us to attend shearing school. She spent the day listening to instruction, watching others shear sheep, and shearing 7 lambs herself. It was a wonderful opportunity, and shows the great commitment of the existing Michigan shearers to passing on the skills of their trade to young people. She enjoyed herself at the shearing school, and it was nice to have her along for the weekend.

We asked the vendor chair for a double booth this year, to give us a little more space.

They were kind enough to give us the ONLY double booth with a barn board backdrop, for added ambiance. I loved it!

We even had a cow peering out at us. As I set up the booth, it was not my intention to leave her uncovered--I just didn't really pay her any attention. But when I finished, it was like I had framed her with all our goodies. See if you can find her in the photos above and below.

We also brought along a different kind of fiber. Our beans were well-received.

It was a lovely fall weekend spent at the fairgrounds of the Ogemaw County Fair, with good people and good food. Well worth the drive.


  1. your booth looks great! What fun!

  2. what a nice booth, hope you sold lots and it was worth the trip.


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