Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Working on Christmas Day (A Little)

In a couple of days we will shear the first group of sheep. They are about a month out from the start of lambing, and now is an important time to shear them. Shearing the ewes will help the lambs find their mama's udder more easily.

So on Christmas morning, we took a few minutes to set up the barn for them to come in.

They need to come in from outside a couple of days before shearing, as no shearer wants to work with wet sheep. 

The Suffolk sheep are much more used to being worked with, and will generally follow if led. Especially if there is corn involved.

Here they are, going at a fast trot, following our daughter into the barn. I was the designated photographer, and was caught up in the moment. It really is amazing to see them follow. I needed a quick reminder to "take pictures!"

There is always one a little slow, bringing up the rear.

They're checking out their new digs. I think they approve.

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